10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids

Celebrate Earth Day this year by doing simple activities that promote helping the planet. Your child will enjoy  doing positive things for the environment. There are several activities that you can do on Earth Day and even after.

1. Conserve. Try and spend as much time using less electricity all day. Have fun outside for the day and walk to a park.

2. Donate unwanted clothes and toys. You can either give your items to a charity or even give them away using your local classifieds.

3. Eat some fruit and veggies. If you need some ideas, I have created some delicious recipes for Earth Day in my newest book Occasions to Cook for: Dishes and Desserts for Spring Holidays,

4. Have fun and only wear green and brown for the day. Grab some crayons or markers and create some stickers that say "I Love the Earth" or "Happy Earth Day" and wear them on your shirts.

5. Make recycling fun. My 6-year-old asked if she could have some of our recyclable containers rather then putting them in the recycle bin so she could reuse them. I gave her some labels and she made her own personalized labels with markers and crayons. This was a lot of fun for her. Different types of recyclable containers can be used for many things, such as holding pens and pencils, small toys, crayons, craft projects and more.

6. No driving for a day. Get out and take a walk or go bike riding.

7. Plant seeds, flowers or trees. Make it a day and start with cleaning out garden beds.

8. Play a game and have a treasure hunt. Have your child try and find items outside starting from A all the way to Z. For example, R for rock and B for bark. If the items are small enough your child can put them in a basket. At the end, your child will have a bunch of earth's treasures.

9. Recycle. Make bins to separate what can be recycled and start recycling!

10. Visit farmers markets. Buy fresh produce from your local community.


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