What are Some Low-Cost Birthday Gifts for a First Birthday?

Gifts for children turning one need to be safe, sturdy and instructive. Many store chains carry affordable gifts that are suitable for a first birthday. Additionally, don’t forget different dollar stores. Dollar stores carry various toys where you can create a baby-doll theme or truck theme for a first birthday, among other themes. Simply fill a basket full of your choice of theme related items, put a bow on it and insert Free Printable Cards from American Greetings. You can also wrap the basket in cellophane; most dollar stores carry it. Or, Go Gaga over our adorable new Baby Gifts from Save 15% OFF at Promo Code: BSKTSAVE15

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Discover low-cost first birthday gifts with the following suggested products:

Learning Toys. Many brands of learning toys exist; different types might include puppies and frogs. These interactive toys teach your children colors, numbers and more. They come with different songs and multiple activities for your child. Prices range between $18 and $20.

Learning Laptops. These types of real-life laptops teach children different types of shapes, colors and objects. They typically include an interactive mouse and a screen that lights up. Prices range between $15 and $20.

Cell Phones for Fun. Play cell phones for kids offer learning and fun. Children can sing along to tunes or learn to count through their cell phone. These types of play phones come with songs and various activities. Prices are generally under $15.

Ride-Ons. Many ride-ons exist for little-ones. They can range from trikes to motorcycles to busses. Prices are around $20.

Interactive Books. Children can get a head start in preschool with interactive books. These types of books teach popular rhymes and rhythms, as well as other melodies. They also guide children in the process of playing and provide intellectual skills. Prices are around $14.

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Building Blocks. Big building blocks come in different types of colors, such as pink and blue. Children can build their own unique designs or build whatever theme comes with the blocks. Pieces easily snap together and come in a set of around 25. Prices range between $13 and $16.


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